The Manila Cup – Philippines’ first international fighting game tournament

Fighting game tournaments have been in the gaming industry scene for quite some time now and with the popularity of Evolution Championship Series, or popularly known as Evo, the largest and longest-running fighting game tournament in the world, many gamers are flocking to this kind of tournaments especially Filipino gamers. A known Filipino fighting game player, “Filipino Champ” has been in the scene for a long time so it’s quite fitting to have a fighting game tournament here in the Philippines.


Imperium, an e-sport bar here in the Philippines, located in Metrowalk Compound, Pasig City has introduced the first major international fighting game tournament here in the Philippines. Check out the details below.

Get ready for Manila Cup this coming September 4-6 at Imperium e-Sports bar and Video Game Lounge, Metrowalk Pasig!

This is an official Capcom Pro Tour Event that will give CPT points to the winners of Ultra Street Fighter 4!

There will also be other fighting game tournaments that will take place on Manila Cup. And those are:
1. Ultra Street Fighter 4 (CPT Ranking Tournament)
2. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
3. Mortal Kombat X
4. Guilty Gear Xrd
5. Blazblue Chrono Phantasma Extend
6. Smash Wii U

The rules for USF4 will follow Capcom Pro Tour rules found here (

The rules for the other fighting games will follow EVO standard rules (

Here’s the schedule for each game:
Sept 4 – 5pm onwards – Smash, MKX, BBCPEX
Sept 5 – 11am – UMVC3, GGXrd, USF4, Smash Top4
Sept 6 – Top8 for BB, GG, MKX, UMVC3, USF4

The event will be streamed at for USF4 and for the other games.

Event fee for Manila Cup are as follows:
Online pre-reg: $20 venue fee and $10 per game
On site reg fee: $30 venue fee and $10 per game
(online registration will open this week as a followup)

Some reminders. Players are suggested to bring their own pads and stick. Late comers and delay of matches will result in a DQ (such as waiting for a stick or controller). Please come in 1hr in advance for registration

Added game rules:

on DLC characters
– All current DLC characters are allowed. In the event that a new DLC character is announced 2 weeks prior to Manila Cup, said DLC character will not be allowed in the tournament.

– Smash Wii U will be on a modified EVO rules. Customs will be set to OFF for Manila Cup

– Those who would just want to watch and not participate in any game tournament for Manila Cup will have a P100 entrance fee. Non participants cannot play side tournaments or casuals

– for USF4 players, USF4 will be played on the PS4 so make sure to have PS4 sticks ready for Manila Cup. Borrowing is ok as long as you won’t delay your own or other people’s matches

For international players, check out Go Hotel for a nearby and affordable hotel

Manila Cup is an official Capcom event. Manila Cup is co presented by Beast of the East

Get hype guys! tell everyone to join and take part at Manila Cup!

No detailed information yet on this tournament but make sure to always check out this site or Imperium’s Facebook page for future updates so for now, check out the video trailer above.

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