The most popular entertainment apps for your Mobile devices this 2016

Your brand spanking new Tablet or mobile device can be just about as useful as a paper weight if it’s not loaded with any entertaining apps. It’s the software and abundance of apps that helped launch the smartphone craze. And the right selection of apps loaded onto your device is what’s going to set it apart from a sad piece of expensive paper weight to your all in one personal entertainment device.

Mobile Devices

Let’s take a look at some of the best entertainment apps and games for your mobile devices


This is a no brainer, this is probably the first app people will install on their devices. Depending on your friends, it’s got drama, comedy, horror and everything in between. Plus the Facebook app gets regular updates where they add new features and/or make performance improvements for the app.


You just go to have YouTube, right next to Facebook this is probably the second app everyone installs on their devices. It’s basically the world’s largest repository for every video ever taken. The YouTube app even now allow you to save some videos for offline viewing which is great if you are always on the go.


With over 30 million paying subscribers, Spotify is arguably the most popular music streaming app ther is today. With it’s easy to navigate and contains one (if not) the biggest music database out there. And best of all, it’s free! Users can avail Spotify’s free music streaming service with ads, you can remove ads if you are a paying subscriber. App

Mobile casino games are slowly getting more and more popular these days, gone are the days where you must be logged in via a PC or a laptop to be able to access and play your favorite mobile casino games. No need for the urge to run to your desktop PC or open up that laptop that constantly overheats after a few minutes of use. Provided you have a good internet connection, now you can play your favorite games on the go using your mobile where ever you are.

Netflix is an already established video subscription service with millions of paying subscribers, and now they have also entered the mobile market by providing a simple and easy to use mobile app that now let’s subscribers watch movies directly on their mobile devices on the go


TiVo is arguably the best video recording device ever to enter the common household. And now the popular Video capture company has entered the mobile market with the new TiVo app. However, the TiVo app requires you to be subscribed to TiVo Premiere.


This one is aimed for the comic book fans, but with all these comic book movie adaptations coming out, it seems everyone now is a fan. With over 30,000 digital comic books and graphic novels you can read on any tablet or mobile device, you can spend your entire days just reading up to the latest updates and stories of your favorite comic book characters.


  1. You should also add other video streaming sites like Vmeo and Twitch

  2. Comicrack all the time yo!

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