Too much drama in Final Fantasy XV “Dawn” trailer

Square Enix launched another trailer of Final Fantasy XV in this year’s Gamescom 2015. The trailer is called “Dawn” and it features a little bit of story of Noctis and his Father, King Regis, 15 years ago. Or should I say, it only showed a young Noctis hugging his crying Father in the rain. Kinda dramatic, isn’t it? And yes, that’s the whole trailer, a very emotional Final Fantasy XV “Dawn” trailer. Check out the video above.

Final Fantasy XV Trailer_Gamepad Project

Square Enix planned a lot of activities and events all about Final Fantasy XV so we can expect more news from it, and please, announce the release date. I agree, Final Fantasy XV’s graphics is very outstanding, the gameplay from episode Duscae free from Final Fantasy Type-0 game is amazing, Ramuh is huge and destructive but what we really want is the release date. I am okay with release date announcement like “summer 2016” or something like that, at least, I am expecting something but trailer after trailer, episode Duscae after episode Duscae is really tiring. I am still hoping for a release date announcement until the end of Gamescom.

And oh, what’s up with the dog in the “Dawn” trailer? He reminds me of Repede, the dog in Tales of Vesperia.

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