Top 10 accessories that you should have for your New Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS platform has been around since 2011 and its not-so-new installment of 3DS platform – the New Nintendo 3DS XL has been officially released in 2014.

While the handheld system has been out for quite some time now, Nintendo 3DS doesn’t show sign of slowing down with a lot of current games in their library and more games to come in the future, this device is known to be the money making product of Nintendo as of the moment.

Nintendo recently reported that they already sold nearly 58 million Nintendo 3DS units as of December 2015, and with the huge number, come cool accessories that you can use for your Nintendo 3DS.

Screen Protector


Nintendo 3DS is known to have 2 monitors with one being a touch screen and the top one being the 3D screen. The New Nintendo 3DS XL popular feature is the upgraded 3D function which makes your 3D gaming experience more exciting. Of course, who wants to have a single scratch on their Nintendo 3DS screens? Worse, having a lot deep scratches that affects the 3D mode of the unit so with that, a good screen protector is needed for your system. Check out this screen protective filter from Hori, the Japanese Ultra Clear HD Film with Anti-Bubble and Anti-Fingerprint by Illumishield or this full body Techskin protector decal from Skinomi.


Power Adapter Charger

Nintedo 3DS Charger

The battery charger is arguably the most important accessory for New Nintendo 3DS simply because Nintendo didn’t include a charger when you purchase a New Nintendo 3DS for the reason that they assume that most New Nintendo 3DS buyers already owned an old Nintendo 3DS and doesn’t need a charger anymore. While the assumption is true for most gamers, for people who don’t own a Nintendo 3DS before, buying an original New Nintendo 3DS charger is a must!

Protective Case

Nerf Case New Nintendo 3DS

Aside from protecting your screens, it is also important to protect the body of your Nintendo 3DS. Of course, no one wants to see a scratch to the glossy part of your handheld console. There are different types of protective cases like transparent case, color variant aluminum case or the Nerf Armor protective case. Each one will not just protect your Nintendo 3DS, but will also make it look gorgeous.


Nintendo 3DS Nes Decal

If you’re not a fan of bulky protecting case, you can always opt for a decal. Yes, a decal doesn’t only for aesthetic purpose but it can be also used as a protector. There are lot of cool decals in the market like the retro inspired NES console art and Gameboy art.

Carrying Pouch

Bolt Briefcase Large Ballistic Grizzly

Nintendo 3DS is a portable device which you can carry everywhere. You can use it in your daily commute, in a park, during your break or simply use it anytime and anywhere. Many Nintendo 3DS owners are always on the go so having a carrying pouch is a good accessory for your handheld console. Most carrying pouches not just accommodate the Nintendo 3DS, but it can also hold game cartridges and light pens. If you’re into mature/adult looking type of carrying case, you can check the CitySlicker Case by SF Bags.

Charging Dock

Nintendo 3DS Charging Dock

If by chance you need a more pleasant approach to charge your Nintendo 3DS that doesn’t include a annoying wire that tends to be tangled, try this out. Simply slap your New 3DS into spot, and it’ll charge like an ordinary power adapter charger.

Hand Grip

Nintendo 3DS Hand Grip

Playing Nintendo 3DS is awesome but admit it, playing it for a long period of time gives your hand and wrist a lot of discomfort. That square design doesn’t really hold well especially when you’re a hardcore gamer. Good thing, there are hand grip accessories for Nintendo 3DS. Just attached it in your handheld console, let your hands comfortably hold the grip, sit back, relax and enjoy your long hours of play of your favorite Nintendo 3DS game.

Game Storage

Nintendo 3DS Card Case

Let’s give the games some love, shall we? Because Nintendo 3DS game case is not a space friendly type of case. It’s a big plastic case that holds a small cartridge. Bringing multiple games when you’re on the go will just eat the space of your baggage or simply bringing the games alone can damage your cartridges, so having a game card case is really advisable, or if you want to just display your game storage, you can check the Donkey Kong Game Storage.

Cover Plates

Nintendo 3DS Cover Plate

New Nintendo 3DS comes with generic colors like Black, Red, White, Blue, etc, and for some, this colors are boring. To make your Nintendo 3DS look more appealing, you can add faceplate/cover plate into it. With Pokemon Go being launched to almost every countries in the world, you can add to the Pokemon fever by having a Pikachu Nintendo 3DS cover plate, or if you’re a fan of Monster Hunter, you can also have a Monster Hunter Cross cover plate. Regardless of your favorite game, you can have a lot of cover plates to choose from.


Super Mario Amiibo

Amiibos has become a wireless communications and storage protocol accessory to a collectible Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Wii U accessory, some even treat it as an action figure. Why not? If you’re not using your Amiibo as an accessory, you can display it anywhere as part of your collection. There are also some rare and expensive Amiibos like this Gold Super Mario Amiibo that was originally released in Japan.

Having a Nintendo 3DS is cool, but having these accessories will make you and your handheld much cooler.

Any Nintendo 3DS accessories that you think should be included in this list? Comment it below.

All images are from Amazon except for CitySlicker Case by SF Bags.

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