Do not update your PS4 Firmware right away

4 Totally Valid Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Update Your Playstation Firmware

With the release of the PS4 Firmware Update 2.55, Playstation fans rushed back to their homes to update their PS4 consoles. According to the changelog, the latest patch has a huge filesize of 233.8MB and is said to improve system software stability. But before you hook your PS4 (or any console) to the net, you should maybe think twice. Listed below are reasons why you should avoid, or at least delay, updating your consoles’ firmware.

The latest firmware can make your games unplayable

PS Vita error message
When Sony released the PS Vita 3.50 update last April, Madden 13, Muramasa, Atelier Rorona, and Football Manager 2014 are some of the games affected by the bug inherent in the new firmware. I play Madden 13 a lot so I was really pissed when I couldn’t finish even a quarter before the screen turns black and an error message pops up. Thankfully Sony made a patch to fix their screwup but it took them one month to release the new patch. I don’t regularly update my Vita’s firmware so this was a hard lesson for me.

The latest firmware can brick your console

bricked PS4
As I mentioned above, some firmware have bugs on it. Some are minor which makes games unplayable but some are so serious it makes your console an expensive paperweight. When the PS4 Firmware 2.50 was released there were new features added but also are slew of cases which caused the dreaded ‘blue light of death’, effectively killing numerous PS4 consoles. I’m not shitting you, there are plenty of threads in the official Sony Playstation forums. Although some gamers were lucky enough to revive their PS4s by rebooting in Safe Mode, most bricked PS4s needed to be shipped to Sony for repairs.

Your Playstation console is jailbroken

banned ps3
I’m sure you already know this but to those slowpokes who are behind the times, Sony cops will come banging at your door if you connect a jailbroken Playstation console online. Jailbreaking is a major sin according to Sony’s Knowledge Center:

When you access and use the PlayStation®Network (PSN) you agree to the PlayStation Network Terms of Service and User Agreement. Users who violate the Terms of Service and User Agreement may have their PlayStation Network access restricted by having their SEN accounts and/or consoles (PlayStation 3, PSVita, PSP, PSPGo) suspended or banned.

There are two types of ban which Sony can execute remotely. Temporary bans restricts your access to PSN and online but expire after a certain period. Permanent ban is much more severe and is just what it’s called PERMANENT. So if your console is jailbroken, NEVER connect it to the net.

You seldom connect your console online
Well this is a no-brainer. Gamers who only play single player games and those who only buy physical copies rarely have the need to connect online and download updates, unless it’s a new game patch which is a totally different subject.

The bugs make you miss those days where every new patch have been thoroughly checked and tested. If you really need to update to a new firmware version, do try to control yourself and scour the net first to see if there are any issues.

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  1. After nung 3.57 update ayaw na mag load nung PSN games at lakas kung maka drain ng battery

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