Until Dawn Interactive Trailer

Sony has just released the latest trailer for the PS4 exclusive horror game Until Dawn. The game take inspiration from slashers films and other suspense thriller games such as heavy Rain.

The trailer, dubbed as “Choices” shows a live action, make your own choices type interactive trailer. In the trailer, the players plays the role of an unnamed female protagonist who hears some strange noises coming from the hallways as she enters the shower. Players can choose to either stay and defend their position, explore the area, or leave, and the game would then evolve from there.

Until dawn

Until dawn was originally announced as a PS3 exclusive that would utilize the PlayStation Move controller. The game has now been moved as a PS4 exclusive title that uses more traditional controls doing away with the PS Move thingy.

Since being moved to the PS4, development on Until Dawn ramped up considerably, and now the game is just a little over one week away from release. Until Dawn takes its inspiration from Hollywood slasher films and video games such as Heavy Rain, tasking players with making plenty of choices as they progress through the game. Now Sony has released a new trailer that reflects the spirit of Until Dawn‘s gameplay rather well.

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