Videogame Habits That Are Obsessive/Compulsive-ish

I’m sure everyone is guilty of having at least one OC-ish habit when we play video games. Be it having an unhealthy obsession of killing everything that moves, or spending countless hours online researching ‘the best’ equipment, or finishing a game using your ‘perfect’ (and only) combo string, we’ve all developed some sort of obsessive/compulsive habit in our gaming years.

I’m not pretending to be saint here, I’m guilty of having nasty habits as well. In fact, all of the things that will be listed here are just some of the bad videogame habits I have.

calm your tits

So calm your tits and let me list the obsessive/compulsive-ish videogame habits that we can’t help doing.

Building massive armies
Being the most cautious player in RTS history, I never attack an enemy camp without my best units in overwhelming numbers even if the enemy defence is weak. This happened in StarCraft where I attacked with death balls of Protoss Carriers, in Red Alert 2 using clouds of Rocketeers, and in Civilization with stacks and stacks of tanks. Good thing I’m not a professional gamer because I’d suck, my enemy’s pubes will turn grey before I’m even ready to attack. Tell me I’m not the only one with this urge.

Carrier has arrived!

Luring all mobs and then killing them all with nuke skills
Now don’t say you don’t do this coz I know your fucking lying. Who doesn’t love the sweet sensation of killing clumps of monsters using ‘area of effect’ skills? This is the reason why musou games exists and why tankers are in demand in MMORPGs. We love destroying things en masse.

ragnarok mob

Exploring every nook and cranny
You fell in a hole and found a hidden but treasure-filled room. Cool! So you ask yourself there must more right? So you go on exploring the whole map. Some games are packed with items and easter eggs to reward your obsession. But often times, a hole is just a hole. Maybe you’ll think twice about jumping in to one when you’re plummeting to your death.

gta easter egg

Hoarding items
Some gamers just can’t help hoarding items whether they need those items or not. Back in my Diablo 2 days I have a collection of Ears from all of the players I killed when I played multiplayer mode. Those Ears are not even useful by the way, just a habit (not to mention sick) of mine. I’ve seen some players even take it to the next level. Not just hoarding but also sorting and having a rounded number of pieces of each item (50s, 100s, 1000s). Raise your hands if you’re guilty of it too.

A collection that will make a psychopath giggle

Smashing every box
We smash things to acquire stuff, it’s a given thing if videogames. Our brains are so fucking conditioned by it we expect we’re going to get money, potions, and equipment if we smash every box and barrel we see. This may be the source of OCD for some (I’m not a psychiatrist so don’t take my word for it). Although some just break things to satisfy their wanton need for destruction, this is an OC habit more often than not.

destroy drums

Save, save, save
Quick save is a common feature in games and players abuse it often. Oh you found a rare item, better save. You’re going to fight a boss, better save first. The saying ‘It’s better safe than be sorry’ can and will backfire on you in videogames. Imagine just when you’re about to kill a boss, it hits and kills you in one shot but then you tapped the quick save button out of habit. Arghhhh! The accidental quick save now forces you to watch your character die over and over forcing you to restart the level. Fuck!

Resident Evil typewriter

Reload, reload, reload
‘Oh shit I’ve used 3 bullets! Better reload coz I might run out of ammo.’ I’m pretty sure your dumb brain said these words too. This obsession of having a full magazine is the most common reason why gamers die in Counter Strike and other FPS games. You’re in the middle of the reloading motion and then an enemy rounds a corner and bam! You’re shot in the head.

reloading kills

Those are just some of the OC-ish habits we doing all the time when playing videogames. I didn’t list it all coz I still have inventories to sort. So tell me, what’s the actions and rituals you can’t help doing? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Hoarding items – I have just about every cheese you can find in skyrim, hundreds of them!

  2. Save, save save? uuhhmm…Autosave?

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