Watch: Final Fantasy XV gameplay demo from Chinajoy

Few weeks from now, we’ll be finally seeing the much awaited release of Final Fantasy XV.

The hype and marketing of this game are really off the roof as Square Enix already released several demos of this game like Episode Duscae demo included in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD for PS4 and Final Fantasy 15 Platinum Demo. Several teaser trailer and gameplay demo have been released in gaming conventions such as E3 but, the latest gameplay demo from Chinajoy is here.

In case of anyone of you doesn’t know Chinajoy, it’s digital entertainment convention that is happening in Shanghai, China every year. It is said to be the largest entertainment and gaming convention in China so imagine it as the E3 in the US, Gamescom in Germany and Tokyo Game Show in Japan.

Check out the gaming demo in the video above and the Final Fantasy 15 Universe trailer, all shown in Chinajoy 2016 courtesy of Giuseppe’s Gaming.

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