Watch: First online matches of Street Fighter V Beta Testing

Yesterday, Capcom and Playstation seems to “accidentally” leaked the stress test of Street Fighter V beta in PS4 however, some fans and gamers managed to set a match before Playstation pulled it.

Youtuber RajmanGamingHD managed to post two online matches in his Youtube channel in beautiful 1080p, 60fps graphics. The first online match was between Chun Li and Ryu, and the second match was between two Ryu’s while the other one is wearing an alternative costume.


Unlike the initial beta testing, this stress test seems to run smoothly and maximizing the PS4 graphic capabilities. It is also nice to see that the online game showed no problem at all.

Street Fighter V will be available exclusively for PS4 next year and I am hoping to see more matches, both online and offline multiplayer come Playstation Experience.

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