Watch: Gameplay video of Scalebound from Xbox One FanFest Tokyo

Microsoft Xbox skipped this year’s Tokyo Game Show and there’s a reason behind that – The Xbox One FanFest which incidentally was also held in Tokyo, Japan.

Xbox is really pushing their way to Japanese market to make up for those poor hardware and software sales in the region. First, they are also focusing on JRPG’s, Japanese favorite genre by releasing two exclusive JRPG’s and expect more titles to come. They are also re-introducing Xbox One console and its exclusive games like Scalebound and Rise of the Tomb Raider by having a Tokyo Xbox One FanFest.

One of the main features of this said event is the gameplay of upcoming Xbox One exclusive Scalebound and it impresses a lot of Japanese gamers.

Check out the Scalebound gameplay video above recorded from Xbox One FanFest in Tokyo courtesy of Giuseppe Nelva’s Youtube account.

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