Watch: Jimmy Kimmel tries to understand Let’s Play videos with Youtube gamers

Youtube Gaming has recently launched few days ago and the aim of this new Youtube platform is to give gamers, streamers and reviewers a place in Youtube…and of course, to beat Twitch.

The new platform looks promising and it even caught the eye of Jimmy Kimmel. The TV host and comedian said that watching other people play is silly. He even made a comedy skit out of it and said that when he was young, he just watch other people play when he rant out of quarters to play in the arcade. But gamers took these jokes seriously and send some mean comments and tweets to the late nights show host.

Gamers curse Kimmel for this and they even want him to die in a slow a painful death and with this, Jimmy Kimmel made sure to educate himself with the latest gaming trend right now and invited two Youtube gamers/streamers – Markiplier and MissesMae to educate him about gaming these days.

Watch Jimmy Kimmel play Rocket League horribly and they even showed one of MissyMae’s videos when her Father uses Oculus Rift and play roller coaster in Minecraft and curses using Tagalog words during the video. Yes, MissyMae is Filipino-American. Check out the video above and let me know your thoughts about people watching other people play in the comments below.

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  1. Watching other people play is indeed SILLY!

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