Watch: New Persona 5 trailer leaked

A new Persona 5 trailer has leaked online all thanks to Persona 4: Dancing All Night Special Edition Blu Ray movie. The latest Persona 4 game for PS Vita has special bonus set which includes a Blu Ray disc that contains the a trailer of the upcoming Persona 5.

The trailer is believed to be the official second trailer of Persona 5 (watch the first trailer here) that is set to reveal at Tokyo Game Show (TGS 2015) this coming September.

As you can see in the leaked trailer above, the clearly shows a persona move of a character and it seems like that the main protagonist is a high school student, same as Persona 4. As seen in the trailer – “student by day, thief at night”, so it is clear that the main character’s alter ego is a thief. As for the rest of the characters, I’ve been hearing rumors that there several playable characters in this game but the second trailer still suggests that it only has 4 playable characters – the main protagonist, blonde guy, girl with a pig tail and a cat.

Persona 5 is one of my much-awaited game of this year and Atlus assured its fans that this Playstation exclusive will available this year for PS3 and PS4 despite the absence in E3.


via: Gematsu

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