What You Need to Know About Playstation Now

Playstation Now is a game streaming service launched last January in North America. Dubbed as the ‘Netflix of games’, PS Now allows gamers to stream hundreds of Playstation3 games on their PS3, PS4, Sony Blu-ray Players and has been made available on the PS Vita this August.

PS Now is not yet released here in Asia but here are the features and downsides you should know if ever you’re planning on subscribing to the service.

The Good

Huge PS3 Game Library
At the moment, PS Now has over 300 PS3 games available for streaming. Recent hits like Batman: Arkham City, BioShock Infinite, and Mass Effect 2 are available as well as classic games we all love such as Crazy Taxi, Mega Man, Metal Slug, etc. Check out the full list of games by clicking here.

You can play games using a Smart TV
I mentioned you can stream games on PS consoles right? We’ll Sony also upped the ante by allowing you to play games using certain Sony and Samsung Smart TVs. All you need is a Dual Shock 3 controller to play.

7 Day Free Trial
To tease you, Sony lets you sample the full service for a week. All you need is a credit card tied to your SEN account.

*WARNING* Your subscription will start at the end of the trial period and Sony will start billing your credit card. If you don’t like the service I suggest marking your calendar to note the trial end date so you don’t get charged for something you don’t want.

The Bad

PS Now is not connected your PSN account
The streaming service is a stand-alone service, completely separate from your PSN account. Don’t worry if you’re worried about your trophies though as trophies are tied to your console using your SEN ID.

It’s quite expensive
Subscriptions varies, you can rent a game for a dollar or choose to select a month or three month periods. The monthly fee for a monthly subscription is 20USD and 45USD for the quarterly. The prices is quite ridiculous as you can buy AND own your own game with that prices. A dollar a day seems like a ripoff too, I’d rather wait for a Flash Sale than spend that kind of money.

PS Now requires a steady high-speed connection
An internet connection with a bandwidth of at least 5mbps is recommended. This is a death knell for those interested in subscribing to the service in the Philippines. We all know that the average household connection is only at 1mbps, you can get 3mbps from Sky Cable if you’re one of the lucky ones who are early users.

The high-speed connection requirement can be the reason why the PS Now service won’t be launched here in the Philippines. Who knows, maybe we can avail it too in the future IF telecomm companies here invest in new undersea cables.

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