World Of Final Fantasy Is Set To Release In The Philippines This October

Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong Limited Singapore Branch (SIES) announced today that World of Final Fantasy will be released on 25th October 2016 for PS4 and PS Vita consoles, at a suggested retail price (SRP) of PHP2,499 and PHP1,699 respectively.


World of Final Fantasy offers a unique Final Fantasy experience where players get to control the chibi version of their favorite characters from the storied gaming franchise, as well as to team up with popular creatures that have appeared throughout the series.

The game has a unique battle system which allows players to choose between riding on the monsters and being ridden by the monster, and each choice will provide different extra attributes in combat.

Besides the monsters, the game will feature towns, locales, characters and story references from the Final Fantasy series. With the traditional system from the series serving as a foundation, this title will provide further new gaming experiences for existing and new Final Fantasy fans.


A product code for obtaining the Japanese voice feature (asides from the English voice which is already included in the game) will be enclosed as an initial premium for players in Southeast Asia.

Other initial premiums will include product codes to get the following contents: the rare pure “White Chocobo,” the special shining “Light Moogle,” the legendary prototype unit “Astraia,” and being able to summon “Sephiroth.”



Product Information

Platform Playstation 4, Playstation Vita
Genre RPG
Number of Players 1, Maximum of 2 players during the multiplayer mode
Release Date 25thOctober, 2016
Price Playstation 4 PHP2,499 *price may vary upon release

Playstation Vita PHP1,699 *price may vary upon release

Sales Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong Limited
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