Xbox One Firmware Update for Preview Program Members released

Dubbed as xb_rel_1508.150712-2200, Microsoft has released a new firmware update that adds a series of fixes and additions that are designed to prepare the Xbox One for upcoming bigger and more important firmware updates.

Here are the patch notes released by Microsoft for the xb_rel_1508.150712-2200 update:


OS version released: xb_rel_1508.150712-2200

Available: 6:00PM PT 7/15 (2AM GMT 16/7)


Minor changes (non user-facing).


Mass Effect Backward Compatibility: When streaming Mass Effect using Twitch through Snap, a black bar is output on the stream output (both in the browser and through the Twitch app).

Turtle Beach Elite 800X Headset: Participants using this headset are unable to hear the host when moving from one party to another party.

Xbox Fitness: When resuming from Instant-On mode and with Xbox Fitness suspended, you may encounter a frozen Kinect preview image, and Kinect interaction will not resume.Workaround: Hard reboot the console.

Basically it’s just a firmware update in preparation for future firmware updates. Meh.

Please note that this update is a Beta release that may still have some bugs and other errors that may damage your console. Plus, this is only available for Preview Program members, and you can only join the program if someone who’s already in the program invites you to join. The Preview Program allows access to beta versions of firmware updates from Microsoft before releasing it to the public

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