Youtube Gaming officially launched

Hey Twitch, player 2 has entered the competition.

Google owned video sharing website, Youtube has launched its spin-off platform for gamers and video games called Youtube Gaming.

Youtube Gaming is a dedicated website exclusively for video games where gamers can share their any gaming related videos like reviews, thoughts and even live streaming, very similar to Amazon owned video game streaming website Twitch.

Youtube Gaming also supports mobile access through its mobile app for Android and iOS.

For years, Twitch is the number site when it comes video game streaming however, Youtube is quick to justify that Youtube Gaming is different to Twitch.

YouTube said it had redeveloped its live streaming function for its gaming app, but confirmed that live broadcasts would be subject to its standard copyright checks.

The company’s Content ID system will terminate broadcasts if “third-party content” such as music is detected, a feature absent on Twitch.

“There is tension that has arisen over copyright claims on YouTube,” said Steve Bailey, games analyst at IHS Technology.

“But some game developers see YouTube as a positive PR opportunity and embrace it. Those that have been very defensive have received bad press,” via BBC

Though Youtube has been the go to site when it comes to vlogger such as Pewdiepie, VanossGaming and AngryJoeShow, and with Youtube having a lot of gaming related videos, YouTube Gaming will automatically collect all gaming-related videos and content while also providing over 25,000 pages dedicated to specific games.


“We’re not treating gaming any differently on YouTube. The app is a lens for gaming content, the key thing is discoverability,” said Ryan Wyatt, Youtube Head of Gaming.

“This is a way to focus on gaming videos, aggregate them, but YouTube doesn’t change. You can still watch gaming videos on YouTube.”

Mr Wyatt said the new live streaming platform could have wider uses in the future.

“We created a live platform that will benefit all of YouTube,” he said. “I can picture sports, beauty tutorials, live cooking streams.”

Youtube Gaming official launch date is August 26, 2015 in the US or August 27 here in the Philippines.

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  1. But unlike Twitch, YouTube has some wonky copyrights rules that could discourage streamers. So we’ll see how this ends for YouTube.

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